Cleaning of winter gardens
We often clean winter gardens in private living areas, along with the maintenance cleaning of private apartments. But winter gardens are extremely popular and can also be found in rental properties, spa facilities or office buildings. For this reason, we often offer this service in connection with other commercial cleaning (such as exhibition and event hall cleaning) or in larger apartment buildings together with house maintenance, stair cleaning, etc.

What is a winter garden?

It is a building extension that consists mainly of glass and steel and comes in three varieties:
  • The living winter garden with a temperature of over 19 °C, which can be used all year round and is mostly filled with exotic plants. It may also be in homes, restaurants or event halls.
  • The cool winter garden, which is heated to a maximum of 19 °C.
  • The cold winter garden, which is unheated or slightly heated and is only used in summer.

Can you clean your winter garden yourself?

In principle, yes. The glass fronts can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth. You can also clean the struts with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid. However, harsh detergents can damage the rubber seals and microfiber cloths can scratch plastic surfaces.

Why should you rather have your conservatory cleaned by a professional?

Cleaning winter gardens with high roof or window elements is cumbersome and difficult. Private individuals often use wobbly climbing aids or makeshift cleaning equipment, while we experts are equipped with safe and professional equipment (e.g. ladders, telescopic poles) and cleaning products.

Our competent professionals bring sure-footed ladders, various cleaning devices as well as suitable cleaning agents and appropriate cleaning cloths.

Our experienced employees can find their way around the winter gardens, don’t experience any giddiness and can work well even in cramped conditions (plants, radiators).

Just like with building and final cleaning, window, slat and blind cleaning or house maintenance, stair cleaning, they know which agents can be used with which materials.