House maintenance, stair cleaning, etc.

In contrast to irregular cleaning such as trade fair and event hall cleaning or needs-based cleaning of winter gardens as well as one-off construction and final cleaning, house maintenance, stair cleaning, etc. are complex, regular tasks.

Perfect services for all properties

We support you with our competent team in all work that may arise in your property. Our experienced caretakers take care of all cleaning tasks in all properties, apartment buildings or small condominium communities.

We are happy to combine the maintenance cleaning of your private apartment as well as the window, slat and blind cleaning in the building with our offer. We ensure that the entire building complex of your residential or commercial building to be looked after is kept in perfect condition.

Our scope of services

In addition to cleaning and organizational activities, house maintenance also includes small repairs, technical maintenance and the necessary environmental work. All activities to be carried out will be discussed in detail with you. By carefully caring for and maintaining the building, you not only ensure a neat and clean appearance, but also good value retention.

Which areas are included in the service?

  • Wir reinigen regelmässig die Treppenhäuser, Gemeinschaftsräume sowie Kellerräume.
  • Daneben überwachen wir für Sie die gesamte installierte Haustechnik und nehmen notwendige Reparaturen vor.
  • Wir kümmern uns ausserdem um Reinigung und Unterhalt der Tiefgaragen.
  • Ausserdem sorgen wir für den Gartenunterhalt und den Winterdienst. Dazu zählen beispielsweise auch das Schneeräumen und das Salzen der Gehwege, Treppen und Zugänge.

What kind of work do we offer?

Each building involves individual work, which we clarify with you in detail in advance.

But we ensure, for example, that the stairwell, including the platforms, forecourt and railings, are cleaned regularly. We check the existing lighting and replace or repair it if necessary.

In outside areas, we ensure that the outside lighting works as well as clean parking lots and playgrounds, including waste disposal. Our specialties also include gardening work such as mowing the lawn or disposing of leaves.