Maintenance cleaning

Our competent team is well equipped for cleaning public, commercial and private properties. We have the right specialist knowledge to carry out trade fair and event hall cleaning for you, for instance, as well as construction and final cleaning of various properties.

We are often entrusted with complete house maintenance, stair cleaning and other tasks in apartment buildings. The cleaning of office buildings, schools, fitness centers or the maintenance cleaning of private apartments as well as the cleaning of winter gardens are usually included here. We can also clean windows, slats and blinds in the entire building area.

What is maintenance cleaning?

This includes all regularly necessary cleaning work in your home. What we do, the exact scope and the time intervals, is determined by the customer individually. We attach great importance to good personal support and specific coordination with the customer. In this way we can ensure that you are satisfied with our services at all times. Maintenance cleaning ensures that your property retains its value.

What scope of services do we offer?

There are three possible types of cleaning in a property in an apartment. In addition to maintenance cleaning, these are visual cleaning, basic cleaning and final cleaning or removal cleaning. We can of course support you competently in all areas.

In the case of visual cleaning, cleaning is limited to coarse visible dirt, tidying up the apartment and making beds, emptying paper baskets and rubbish bins or even loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Maintenance cleaning includes this visual cleaning. In addition, vacuum cleaning, dusting, floor cleaning (wet) and wet cleaning of sanitary areas are included. In your kitchen we clean all work surfaces and appliance fronts and in the bathroom the tiles, toilet, sink, bathtub and shower.

In addition to maintenance cleaning, we offer basic cleaning twice a year, during which all rooms are carefully maintained. This includes, for example, cleaning all wall tiles, cupboards (also inside), drawers, doors and radiators.

If necessary, we can also do a final cleaning for you when you move. It is very intensive and detailed.