Window, slat and blind cleaning

Our professional cleaning work also includes window, slat and blind cleaning, which we carry out on both commercial and private properties. After all, you want to present yourself in the best possible way everywhere.

Our know-how in this area therefore perfectly complements our services for exhibition and event hall cleaning as well as maintenance cleaning or building and final cleaning.

Shutters and blinds are real dirt traps

Your slats and blinds, but also your shutters, are exposed to heavy dirt both indoors and outdoors. For example, indoor dust or nicotine as well as commercial dirt can be problematic.

Outside there is also exposure to wind and weather, dust or bird droppings. Pollen and leaves can also stick to the outer slats. These different types of dirt also impair the function as privacy and glare protection and look unattractive.

Here it is urgently necessary to carry out regular and professional cleaning with the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment. Specialist companies are the right choice, especially for windows located higher up. We have employees who do not feel giddiness and who know exactly which stains can be effectively removed with which agents. We also use professional equipment for difficult cleaning when cleaning winter gardens or for house maintenance, stair cleaning, etc.

Expert window cleaning provides more visibility

Not only in the private sector, but also in commercial premises or halls, it is important to ensure sufficient daylight and perfect visibility. This is not only more practical, but also more visually appealing. And especially in the commercial sector, good representation is also a figurehead for you!

Our competent employees can clean your windows inside and outside carefully and without leaving streaks, both at ground level and at a lofty height. We have all the equipment necessary to keep both small windows and glass fronts perfectly clean.

We would be happy to make you a suitable offer in which we combine window and slat cleaning.