About us

Competent know-how and professionalism go hand in hand with us

We not only offer diligent, thorough and gentle cleaning of all rooms, but also excellent service.

A detailed preliminary discussion forms the best basis

For us it is important that the customer feels that they are in good hands with us. We therefore take the necessary time to discuss the specific application requirements with you in advance.

Based on our many years of experience, we can, for example, determine the following when visiting the premises:

  • How many employees are required to clean the rooms within a reasonable or given time frame?
  • At what intervals should regular cleaning take place?
  • Does the customer have any special requests or specific requirements that the employees must observe?

The more specific the agreements are, the better we can respond to customer requests.

What experience we bring with us

During our many years of activity, we can fall back on an extensive range of cleaning services. During this time we have supported both corporate and private customers in various areas.

This includes, above all, the cleaning of private apartments (maintenance cleaning), but also office cleaning or construction cleaning of new buildings. We can offer special cleaning and, above all, window cleaning in fitness centers, hotels and nursing homes as well as in catering.

Our base knowledge is made up not only of the execution of the necessary work in different areas, but also the use of the right equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

We are team players

Every company is only as good as its employees. We therefore take care to permanently train our cleaners and equip them with the correct and modern equipment.

In addition, our team goes to work together with a high degree of commitment and motivation. Every employee has a high quality standard, which he fulfills conscientiously with every order thanks to his expertise.

We work tirelessly for you in a professional, efficient and reliable manner!

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