What can our team cover?

When it comes to cleaning or special cleaning of private apartments, offices, companies or even large plants, we are the right partner to have at your side.

Our trained and professional team knows the different requirements that are placed on facilities or real estate. With our experience, we can offer not only building cleaning for new buildings, but also maintenance cleaning in private apartments or office cleaning.

Of course, we also support you in areas with special requirements such as gastronomy or clinic operations. For these rooms, we also offer you the right window cleaning or slat cleaning.

We are prepared for special tasks

We pay close attention to the fact that only suitable resources and professional equipment are used for each material and each room. This enables us to ensure that the room is cleaned efficiently and quickly. And that your facility does not suffer from the cleaning process.

In large companies such as gastronomy or clinics and similar facilities, it is not just about cleanliness. Here, additional requirements for sterility or special regulations in isolated areas must be observed. Our employees are also very familiar with this. They know exactly how to dress and behave appropriately and use suitable equipment and cleaning agents for this.

Why wait? The best thing to do is to contact us right away for a non-binding offer!

Based on our experience and our expertise, we can provide you with a comprehensive offer for any desired room or event. In addition to quick and thorough cleaning, we can also guarantee the use of environmentally friendly and gentle agents.