Construction and final cleaning

In addition to commercial services such as trade fair and event hall cleaning or the cleaning of office buildings as well as house maintenance, stair cleaning, etc., we also offer professional construction and final cleaning.

What is important in the final cleaning of a building?

When you build a new building or renovate or refurbish your building, heavy dirt such as construction dust, paint or varnish splashes, cement residues or even water stains usually occur. There are many different kinds of stains and coarse dirt to remove. Different means and equipment are required for each different type of dirt.

Above all, our expert knowledge from a wide variety of areas helps us to remove these very different types of dirt. For example, our employees are proficient in cleaning window surfaces in new buildings as well as or windows, slats and blinds. But the procedure for routine cleaning is also helpful.

What counts as final construction cleaning?

After major construction work, it is first necessary to carry out a major cleaning process, with a kind of intermediate cleaning taking place during the construction work. In parallel to the current work on the construction, we can already remove building rubble and construction waste and properly dispose of it, as well as roughly cleaning the individual construction sections after completion.

The final construction cleaning (or final cleaning), during which the apartment or building is cleaned ready for occupancy, can only take place after the building has been accepted. This includes the professional and particularly diligent removal of stains, dust and packaging material.

This is followed by thorough cleaning of all surfaces such as floors, walls, windows and doors. But also the strips, light switches and sockets as well as of course the sanitary facilities are cleaned of dirt.

Why are we the right partner?

Since we are familiar with all cleaning areas, we have the necessary equipment and the know-how to perfectly remove every stain and every kind of dirt. We are also very familiar with the correct and environmentally friendly disposal of waste.

We can remove any dirt thoroughly and gently with the best possible means!