Exhibition and event hall cleaning

Preparation and follow-up of the exhibition or event hall

Our professional team does particularly well when it comes to cleaning exhibition halls. Flexibility and know-how are required here during construction and dismantling work. After all, regardless of ongoing preparations, the venue must be clean at all times. The other employees must also not be hindered in their activities.

Our team, as well as any additional staff, are trained to proceed in a flexible and coordinated manner when cleaning and, above all, are very familiar with common exhibition environments. It is important to know the premises in order to plan suitable cleaning utensils and a sufficient number of cleaning staff.

Cleanliness even with public traffic

In contrast to the cleaning of winter gardens, the maintenance cleaning of private apartments or the construction and final cleaning, which we also do, this cleaning takes place during public traffic. With a large number of guests, a mishap can easily happen. We ensure that the paths between the halls or exhibition stands are always clean and dry. This not only makes things look better, but also eliminates safety risks such as the risk of slipping.

No area is left unattended

Our team works flexibly and professionally and cleans the visitor areas as well as the toilets, conference rooms and dining areas. And we make sure that the bins are emptied regularly. We do all of this in a friendly, focused and orderly manner.

A proper final cleaning is a MUST

Of course, at the end of the event, we will ensure that the entire event area is cleaned. After all, we are also professionals when it comes to cleaning windows, slats and blinds, as well as experts in house maintenance, stair cleaning, etc. That is why we do not miss a single speck of dust in a large exhibition hall.