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The owner is represented by neatly maintained spaces for both the home and the business. In addition to the notion that there isn’t a second chance to make a good first impression, clean circumstances must always be present. An experienced company can clean thoroughly and intensively in a timely manner.

AT- Clean Team has a capable workforce that is well-equipped to clean both public and private premises. For example, AT- Clean Team has the necessary specialized experience to handle construction and final cleanup of different properties in addition to a trade show and event venue cleaning for you.

In apartment blocks, we are frequently given the responsibility for full home upkeep, stair cleaning, and other jobs. We frequently offer cleaning services for winter gardens, commercial buildings, schools, gyms, and individual residences. Below are some of the services we offer explained in detail.

Apartment cleaning

There are different kinds of cleaning that can be done in an apartment. They include visual cleanup, basic washing, and the last cleaning or removal cleanup with a maintenance cleaning. Of course, AT is able to assist you expertly in every way.

When it comes to visual cleaning, the only things cleaned are evident coarse dirt, straightening the beds, dumping the paper baskets and trash cans, and putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

This visual washing is part of maintenance cleanup. Vacuuming, dusting, wet mopping, and wet cleaning of hygienic areas are all included. Our Team cleans all the counters and equipment fronts in your kitchen and the tiling, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers in your bathrooms.

Large Facilities Maintenance cleaning

The AT Team and any additional workers have adequate training to clean in a flexible and organized manner and, most importantly, are quite familiar with typical show venues.

This cleaning is done in the midst of a crowd. Mishaps are easily possible when there are many guests present. The walkways between the exhibition spaces or halls are always kept dry and spotless by AT. This improves the appearance of the situation while also removing safety hazards like the possibility of slipping.

AT Team works dynamically and competently and cleans the guest areas along with the toilets, conference halls, and dining halls. We guarantee that the trash cans are routinely emptied. Our AT-Clean Team carries out all of this in a kind, organized, and efficient manner.

Winter Gardens cleaning service

A winter garden is a building addition made primarily of steel and glass.
Winter gardens containing high roof or window features are difficult and cumbersome to clean. Private persons frequently employ flimsy climbing aids or shoddy cleaning supplies. However, AT-Clean team professionals are outfitted with secure and reliable tools (such as ladders and telescopic poles) and cleaning supplies.

AT experts bring sturdy ladders, a variety of cleaning tools, as well as the proper cleaning supplies, including cleaning solvents and towels.

Our knowledgeable staff can navigate the winter gardens without becoming dizzy and can perform well even in confined spaces like plant machinery.

The team of professionals is aware of which chemicals can be used with various materials, similar to building and final washing or window, slat, and blind cleanup.


We have been in business for a long time and offer various cleaning services. We have provided a range of services to both business and individual clients during this time.
This includes office cleaning and cleaning during the building process for fresh structures and cleanup of private apartments. We may provide specialty cleaning services at gyms, hotels, care homes, and the catering industry, with window cleaning coming in first.
Our core competencies include using the appropriate tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions in addition to carrying out essential work in many fields. Contact us by email, telephone, or via the contact page.

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